Php Code

The few php codelines in this script is quite simple would be simple to copy into any
programming language.


Here we've got the responsepage which fetches a subpage parses it and deliver it to the browser
the execute command executes all the javascript in the content.

$cba_i_ajax_file = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].str_replace("..","",$_GET['page']);
if(file_exists($cba_i_ajax_file)==true && is_file($cba_i_ajax_file)==true){
// 92="\" (backslash)
// 10=linebreak
// 13=return
// 34=" (quotation mark)
$cba_i_yfile = ob_get_clean();
$cba_i_yfile=str_replace(chr(92),chr(92).chr(92), $cba_i_yfile);
$cba_i_yfile=str_replace(chr(13), '\n', $cba_i_yfile);
$cba_i_yfile=str_replace(chr(10), '\n', $cba_i_yfile);
//Replace " with \" to escape it
$cba_i_yfile=str_replace(Chr(34), chr(92).Chr(34), $cba_i_yfile);